Physical Activity Monitoring Devices Can Play A Role In Integrative Oncology

From Brian D. Lawenda, M.D. Most Americans are lazy when it comes to walking. We walk about 30-40 minutes less every day compared with the Swiss, Australians and the Japanese (from a 2003 study.) Based on number of steps per day, Americans barely walk more than than the “sedentary” rate of 5,000 steps per day: United States: 5,117 steps per day Japan: 7,168 steps per day Switzerland: 9,650 steps per day Australia: 9,695 steps per day On average, 2,000 steps … Continue reading

Definition of: embedded system

From PC Magazine Any electronic system that uses a computer chip, but that is not a general-purpose workstation, desktop or laptop computer. Such systems use microcontrollers (MCUs) or microprocessors (MPUs), or they may use custom-designed chips. Deployed by the billions each year in myriad applications, the embedded systems market uses the lion’s share of all the electronic components in the world. Embedded systems are employed in automobiles, planes, trains, space vehicles, machine tools, cameras, consumer electronics, office appliances, network appliances, … Continue reading